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Bayshore Pharmacy

Bayshore Pharmacy


Richard C. Stryker opened the pharmacy in 1964 when the shopping plaza was built on the highway. Born and raised in Atlantic Highlands, Mr. Stryker realized the need for a full-service pharmacy that could serve all the needs of the growing community. While the area’s population tripled, Bayshore Pharmacy expanded into a larger space in 1971 at the same location to accommodate the growing needs of a burgeoning community. Adding a card and gift shop to the store along with prompt delivery services, Mr. Stryker stayed at the forefront of the borough’s needs.

Mr. Stryker’s son, Richard P. Stryker, and his partner, Scott Eagleton, took the reins of the pharmacy in the 1990s. The pharmacy once again met the challenges of a new generation of patients and customers when it expanded again into its present 7,300 square foot at the same Foodtown plaza. Expanding the home health care and surgical supplies in addition to adding immunizations and Medication Reviews, the pharmacy continues to lead the area in heath care services and delivery.

The Stryker family never forgets that the family business is only possible thanks to the tight-knit community which they serve. “Working in the store has always been a privilege”, said Owner Richard P. Stryker. “From stocking the shelves I could barely reach when I was five or six years old while Mom did her food shopping next door to providing immunizations to neighbors and friends now, I have acquired an incredibly strong sense of community. That’s the reason we think it is so important to work with our neighbors whether it is raising donations for the local Food Pantry and High School, staying open in the dark after Superstorm Sandy, or just spending a few minutes with an overwhelmed patient who is just learning about her newly diagnosed diabetes.”

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